Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hang over city

I just missed my flight to Montana because I drank too much at Loni's birthday party last night. Rob came into my room in the morning and was surprised to still find me in my bed. I got home at 4:10 am and decided to take a little boozy nap before I departed my beloved city. I was supposed to catch my bus to the airport at 5am. Instead Rob sped my ass over to the airport in Natalie's truck, still a little drunk I suspect. Anyways long story short I've been put on standby. Right now I am at the smokers lounge in the Denver International airport. Trying to kill 9 fucking hours before my flight into Helena. I am super hang over city and a little vomitcore but I think I will survive. I miss Portland already :(.


Here is some advice from Nicole Georges

I expect to hear some sexy stories when I get back.


xexe said...

Hey love,
I finished a little love story for your blog, but had to leave town before I could call you.
Hopefully I can still get it to you before you put the zine together.

p.s. have fun in montana, I miss your pretty face already.

tinyredhands said...

Yes of course! I can't wait until I see yr wonderful face again! I am terribly homesick already. I will give you a jingle the minute I get back into Portland. I love you. Take care.

Boozy kisses.

oknatalie said...

mimimosa! my heart is ajar. not so in the way one rushes from a place, disregarding an un-shut door, but in that
one left so soon, now the door lingers for return, even encourages with its parted lips.

yew jus bin poetritized by nattack.

love. nattyl

tinyredhands said...